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General Management: Job Options

The field of general management offers a rich set of potential career options. These include:

Line Manager
Ensures that tasks required by the organization are performed up to the standards desired by the organization. Overseas day-to-day activities performed by subordinates. First-level managers follow guidelines and policies set by top managers. A first-level manager's job is very task focused; they make decisions concerning employees, materials, and procedures. Jobs include: supervisor, team leader, project manager, crew leader, line leader, management trainee, office manager.

Middle Manager
Functions between top managers and supervisors. Sees to it that departments or units are working in concert towards the goals set forth by top management. Carries greater responsibility for setting and implementing policies that support strategic goals set by top management. Jobs include: general manager, department manager, functional manager, director, senior manager, regional manager, plant manager, unit manager, district manager.

Executive Manager
Deals with the large conceptual areas of business. Charts the organization's overall direction and goals. Formulates strategies and direct the operations of both private and government agencies. Top managers analyze large amounts of information from within and outside of the organization. They spend a lot of time managing a network of stakeholders: employees, stockholders, the public, customers, and the community. Jobs include: chief executive officer (CEO), president, senior vice-president, vice-president, junior vice president, board of directors. Gets salaries that are $100k+

Hospital Administrator and Health Services Manager
Runs a hospital or health care facility. Staffs medical and nonmedical personnel, manages patient care services, provides budgets, acts as liaison between directors of the hospital and medical staff, and even acts a fund raiser. Range of responsibilities depends on the size of the institution. Jobs include: administrative assistant, management specialist, department head, assistant department head, chief executive director, superintendent, executive vice president, president.

Hotel Manager
Responsible for the efficient and profitable operation of the hotel facility and responsible for the comfort and satisfaction of the guests. Establishes hotel room rates, allocates funds to departments, approves expenditures, establishes standards for guest service. Jobs include: general manager, assistant manager, resident manager, front office manager, food and beverage manager, convention services manager, executive housekeeper.

Specialty Manager
Perform technical, interpersonal, and conceptual tasks in management, but in context specific settings. Jobs include city manager, airport manager, trade show manager, restaurant manager, facilities manager, property manager, school administrator, convention manager.

The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint to keep from meddling with them while they do it.

Theodore Roosevelt

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