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Careers in Strategic Planning
Job Options

Strategic Planner
The strategic planner's role consists of helping the organization to gather, analyze, and organize information. They track industry and competitive trends, develop forecasting models and scenario analysis, examine strategic performance, spot emerging market opportunities, identify business threats, look for novel strategic solutions, and develop creative action plans. Strategic planners usually serve in a support or staff role. Various jobs in this function include: product development, product managers, change agent, strategic planner, transformation agent, vice president of corporate planning

Strategic Manager
Strategic managers have lead roles in the strategy planning and strategy implementation activities of an organization. They are usually found in higher levels of management where they have greater authority and can make strategic decisions for the firm. The CEO is the most visible and critical strategic manager. Any manager who has responsibility for a unit or division, responsibility for profit and loss outcomes, and direct authority over a major piece of the business is a strategic manager. Jobs include: vice president, director, general manager, division head, CEO, member of the board of directors.

Management Consultant
Consultants are analysts and advisors of business. They are problem solvers, they bridge gaps in expertise for companies, and they are brought in for independent expertise and opinions. Jobs include: analyst, researcher, junior consultant, junior associate, associate, team leader, senior consultant, consulting manager, junior partner, senior partner. [Further details on consulting careers].

Strategic Cost Analyst
A Strategic cost analyst determines the costs of business activities within organizations. Will use tools like activity-based costing & break even analysis to determine the true opportunity cost of resources devoted to various corporate activities. Plays a crucial role in determining which business units to retain and grow. Involved in budgeting. If your company doesn't know how much you're spending on what, you won't be around for long.

Competitive Intelligence Analyst
Some companies spend enormous resources in understanding their competitive environment and, in particular, what their competitors are up to. A competitive intelligence analyst focuses on collecting information on a company's key competitors around the world.

Transformation Agent
Companies like Cigna are increasingly looking to become more flexible & implement needed change. Bring in the transformation officer whose job is to work closely with teams of people who control change in the firm. Your job is to help create incentives & the understanding required to grow and change. An emerging job area. Calls for a dynamic, humanistic, & experienced person.nt regulation to suffer through, but are becoming an important characteristic of competition. Firms are searching for dynamic persons who can lead efforts at transformation.

“If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete!”

Jack Welch
Former CEO, General Electric

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Strategic Planning



Company Purpose

"The purpose of a company is to create a customer. Therefore the business has two -and only two- basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results: all the rest are costs.”

Peter Drucker

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