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Top Ten Firms in Management Consulting

We have defined the top ten firms in management consulting by the number of MBA students recruited from leading schools. Firms are sorted in descending order by the number of MBAs hired among 11 leading business schools in 2008. The firm that hired the most is noted as having MBA hiring rank #1.

McKinsey is a privately held leading management consulting firm with over 80 offices around the globe. McKinsey specializes in delivering thoughtful solutions to challenging strategic and operational problems. The company has approximately 15,600 employees and booked revenue in 2007 of $5.3 billion. McKinsey groups its practices into seven main areas: business technology, corporate finance, marketing and sales, operations, organization, risk, and strategy. McKinsey serves clients in numerous industry sectors, from automotive to high tech to telecommunications. In recent years McKinsey was the largest recruiter of MBA graduates from top business schools by far. McKinsey hires fewer undergraduate students.

Headquarters: 55 East 52nd Street, NY NY 10022. Phone: (212) 446-7000.
Web Site: | McKinsey Recruiting
MBA Hiring Rank in Consulting: 1.
Revenue Rank in Consulting: 6.
Revenue / Consultant Rank: 1.

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is a privately held management consulting company founded in 1968 by Bruce Henderson. The company looks for insightful innovation solutions to corporate problems. They focus on driving tangible results while making their clients more capable. BCG has approximately 6,000 employees and had revenues in 2008 of $2.4 billion. BCG has more than 65 offices around the globe. BCG is a heavy recruiter of MBAs and known for strong, thoughtful analysis work and very high quality strategic consulting work. A job at BCG is considering one of the most prestigious landing places for any college or MBA graduate.

Headquarters: 1 Exchange Place, Boston MA 02109. Phone: (617) 973-1200.
Web Site: | BCG Recruiting
MBA Hiring Rank in Consulting: 2.
Undergraduate Hiring Rank in Consulting: NA.
Revenue Rank in Consulting: 8.
Revenue / Consultant Rank: 7.

Bain and Company is a global privately held management consulting company. Bain focuses on consulting aimed at increasing efficiency, creation of value and determination of strategy. The firm gets involved in a wide variety of corporate issues including marketing, performance and information technology. Bain is heavily involved in mergers and acquisitions, private equity investments and transformation plans. Bain has over 4,000 employees and experienced 2007 revenues of $1.6 billion. Bain is also affiliated with Bain Capital, an elite private equity firm, with a record for outstanding large investments.

Headquarters: 131 Dartmouth Street, Boston MA 02116. Phone: (617) 572-2000.
Web Site: | Bain Recruiting
MBA Hiring Rank in Consulting: 3.
Undergraduate Hiring Rank in Consulting: 8.
Revenue Rank in Consulting: 9.
Revenue / Consultant Rank: 8.

Deloitte Consulting is the consulting arm of Deloitte & Touche. Deloitte Consulting has 15,000 professionals in 33 countries and serves more than one-third of the companies in the Global Fortune® 500. Deloitte provides strategic and operational management consulting, tax advisory, and financial advisory services to many of the world's largest companies. Managing consulting practice areas include human capital, technology/systems integration, strategy and operations management. The consulting practice focuses on nine industry groups: aviation and transport services; consumer business; energy and resources; financial services; life sciences and health care; manufacturing; the public sector; real estate; and technology, media, and communications. Deloitte Consulting has been an aggressive recruiter of both MBA and undergraduate students but given the economic downturn has been laying off quite a few employees. The company does expect to continue recruiting going forward. Deloitte Consulting pays well and is known for both a positive culture and permitting a reasonable work/life balance.

Headquarters: 25 Broadway New York, NY 10004. Phone: (212) 618-4000.
Web Site: | Deloitte Recruiting
MBA Hiring Rank in Consulting: 4.
Undergraduate Hiring Rank in Consulting: 2.
Revenue Rank in Consulting: 5.
Revenue / Consultant Rank: 4.

Founded in 1914, Booz & Company is the oldest management consulting firm still in business and the first to use the term “management consultant". Booz is a top-tier provider of consulting services in both the public and private sectors around the world. Booz has 3200 employees and had 2007 revenues of $1 billion. The company has 57 offices in 33 countries. In 2008, Booz & Co separated its operations from its U.S. Government consulting business, which retains the name Booz Allen Hamilton. Booz & Co has been an aggressive recruiter of MBAs. The starting title for an MBA "Associate". The title for an undergraduate is "Consultant". Booz is known for providing good training to new entrants. Employees move to "Senior Associate", then "Principal" and then "Partner". The company is known for a driven culture, high quality work and a wide variety of products. Work-life balance is not a high priority.

Headquarters: None. President Based in London Office.
Web Site: | Booz Recruiting
MBA Hiring Rank in Consulting: 5.
Undergraduate Hiring Rank in Consulting: NA.
Revenue Rank in Consulting: 11.
Revenue / Consultant Rank: 11.

Accenture is the world's largest consulting firm and is #1 in the areas of systems integration and business process engineering. Accenture is publicly traded and operates in 200+ offices across 50 countries. Accenture's 2008 revenues were $25.3 billion based upon the work of 186,000 employees. Accenture was spun off as the consulting business of Arthur Andersen and became bigger than that firm in 2001. Accenture is an Irish company and is a giant employer outside of the U.S. (more employees in India than in the U.S.). Accenture is also well know for using Tiger Woods as a celebrity spokesperson.

Headquarters: Canon's Court, 22 Victoria St. Hamilton HM 12, Bermuda. Phone: 441-296-8262.
Web Site: | Accenture Recruiting
MBA Hiring Rank in Consulting: 6.
Undergraduate Hiring Rank in Consulting: 1.
Revenue Rank in Consulting: 1.
Revenue / Consultant Rank: 17.

AT Kearney is a leading management consulting firm focused on providing strategic and operational advisory to the world's largest corporations. AT Kearney is known for excellence in industry vertical areas like heavy industrials and financial services. Focus areas are supply chain management, strategy and information technology. The firm is known for a hard-working and relaxed culture. Profesional quality work is carried out for a wide variety of clients. The company has 35 offices around the world and delivered revenues of $785 million in 2007 with 2,500 employees.

Headquarters: 222 W. Adams St, Chicago, IL. Phone: 312-648-0111.
Web Site: | AT Kearney Recruiting
MBA Hiring Rank in Consulting: 7.
Undergraduate Hiring Rank in Consulting: 9.
Revenue Rank in Consulting: 13.
Revenue / Consultant Rank: 6.

Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. is a leading provider of consulting services to government agencies including the military and intelligence communities. Much of the company's work requires that employees have a security clearance. The company has 50+ offices globally and employes 13,000 persons. Booz Allen is known for providing very good consulting services to government organizations and consumers of technology. Common titles at Booz Allen are Associate, Senior Consultant and Principal. Because of its strong ties to the defense sector, Booz Allen frequently hires from the U.S. military. Booz Allen is majority owned by the private equity firm Carlyle Group.

Headquarters: 8283 Greensboro Dr. McLean, VA 22102 USA. Phone: (703) 902-5000.
Web Site: | Booz Allen Recruiting
MBA Hiring Rank in Consulting: 8.
Undergraduate Hiring Rank in Consulting: 3.
Revenue Rank in Consulting: 7.
Revenue / Consultant Rank: 10.

LEK Consulting is known for taking a valuation oriented approach to strategic consulting and having very strong industry verticals in areas like aerospace and pharmaceuticals. LEK has over 900 professionals in 20 offices across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. The company is also known for close collaboration with management teams and has high impact on their clients. L.E.K. Consulting LLC’s portfolio of services draws on core capabilities of research, benchmarking, modeling, analysis and strategy development to help companies determine with precision the best way forward. LEK hires quite a few undergraduates with the title of Associate Consultant. MBAs are also hired heavily with the title of "Consultant". LEK brings intellectual rigor and often hires professionals with advanced degrees beyond a masters.

Headquarters: 28 State Street, 16th Floor, Boston, MA 02109. Phone: (617)-951-9500.
Web Site: | LEK Recruiting
MBA Hiring Rank in Consulting: 9.
Undergraduate Hiring Rank in Consulting: NA.

The Monitor Group is a leading privately held management consulting firm founded in 1983 by six entrepreneurs with ties to the Harvard Business School including Mark Fuller and Harvard's Michael Porter. The company has 1500 employees in 30 offices across the globe. Monitor focuses on strategies that drive growth and create value. Monitor fosters the development and dissemination of intellectual capital in a manner unmatched by other consulting firms. The employees of Monitor and members of its talent network are frequent publishers in business journals. All members of Monitor's staff have the same title: "consultant". It is an elite firm with only 1 in 50 undergraduate applicants receiving offers.

Headquarters: Two Canal Park, Cambridge, MA 02141 USA. Phone: (617) 252-2900.
Web Site: | Monitor Recruiting
MBA Hiring Rank in Consulting: 10.
Undergraduate Hiring Rank in Consulting: NA.

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